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Who can access and use the NHS Photo Library?

Primarily access is granted to:

  • NHS organisations and Public Health England
  • Department of Health and related Arms Length Bodies (ALBs) who hold an NHS or Department of Health email account.

The following organisations can also gain access with sponsorship from someone within the above organisations

  • ALBs who do not have an NHS or Department of Health email account
  • Statutory Local Authority Social Care services
  • Independent agencies working on behalf of the above bodies (eg. design and web agencies)
  • Other not-for-profit, public sector organisations may request access when working in direct partnership with the DH, NHS or social care.

Why is access to the library restricted?
The people depicted in the images are, in general, actual staff, patients and service users. They have agreed to feature in these photographs based on their goodwill and support for the principles and practices of the NHS and other public sector social care organisations. We have a duty of care to these people to manage how, where and by whom these pictures are used, which is why access to the library is restricted.

How do I get access to the library?
You need to fill in a registration form available from the log in page of the site. If you have an email address with the common suffix ‘nhs.uk’, ‘nhs.net’, 'phe.gov.uk' or ‘dh.gsi.gov.uk’ the system will automatically generate a password and email it to you. You can then log in using your email address and password.

If you do not have an email address with this suffix, the system will prompt you to enter details of a sponsor. This sponsor must have an ‘nhs.uk’, ‘nhs.net’, 'phe.gov.uk' or ‘dh.gsi.gov.uk’ email address. The system will generate a password for you and email it to your sponsor. If your sponsor is happy to authorise your access to the library, they will advise you of your password. You can then use your email address and password to access the library.

Do I have to go through this sponsorship process each time I visit the library?
No. Once you have a password you can access and use the library as you need. Passwords can be cancelled by the administrators but this should only occur on advice of the sponsor.

I am a charity, not-for-profit organisation. Can I access the library?
No. The library is for use by NHS and statutory/public sector social care services only. However, if you are working in direct partnership with one of these organisations, for example, in the delivery of a service or development of patient information, you may be able to access and use the library. In this case, the images from the library can only be used on material relating to the partnership and it must be clear on the material the partners involved.

Can I share my account with other users or log in twice at the same time?
The system allows only one login at any moment in time. If somebody else logs in using your account details while you are using the library, you will find yourself logged out instantly.